1st April 2014 - this website is no longer kept up to date and is available as an archive only.
The EUPHRESCO Network website is now available at www.euphresco.net.
Welcome to EUPHRESCO

EUPHRESCO is an EU-funded ERA-NET (Coordination Action)

EUPHRESCO-1 was funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme (FP6) from 2006-2010.
EUPHRESCO-2 is funded from the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7) from 2011-2013.
EUPHRESCO aims to continue as a self-sustainable long-term network of European phytosanitary research funders after 2013.

EUPHRESCO aims to increase cooperation and coordination of national phytosanitary (statutory plant health) research programmes at the EU level through networking of research funding activities.


Over the last century, the rate of introduction and establishment of new, economically or environmentally damaging plant pests and diseases has increased steadily as a result of the expansion in global trade of plant material.

Policy designed to protect European agriculture and the environment from these exotic pest threats is determined at the EU level. However, the research that underpins this policy is undertaken primarily at the national level and there has previously been little coordination of these programmes. Increased global trade in plants and plant products, potentially exacerbated by climate change and continued enlargement of the EU, are likely to increase the risks from exotic plant pests and pathogens. Therefore, improved coordination and collaboration between national research programmes is essential to ensure effective support of EU policy and its implementation.


The EUPHRESCO Network has expanded from 23 partners in 17 countries (2006-2010) to 31 partners in 22 countries with 12 European Observer countries and 2 international Observers. Its partners are leading organisations involved with funding phytosanitary research in Europe.

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The EUPHRESCO project is funded by the European Commission's Framework Six Programme (Coordination of research activities), Contract No. 036212 (ERAC)